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Thank you for stopping by.  With sadness, we have closed TJ's Dinner Show.  To those who attended, we thank you for your enthusiasm and support!  We had a blast entertaining you and wished we could continue.  Hopefully in the future we can try again if the circumstances are more favorable.  Please feel free to keep in touch with us through my other website .com)

Once again, thank you for making this a memorable experience!

TJ and Maria Smith


Tj and Maria Smith
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— Tj Smith
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November's show!

We have been getting a lot of requests about this month's show. Ok, fair enough:  Here's a small sample:

 Johnny Mathis / Jeff Foxworthy / Casey Kasem /  James Taylor / Cat Stevens / The Beatles / Meatloaf/Steve Martin and a tribute to Leon, Willie & Ray Charles and more.

TJ will even be serving up some Thanksgiving humor and song parodies from The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon and Don Williams. WHAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!  yep!

With Maria performing: Carol King, Carly Simon, Cher, Fleetwood Mac, Norah Jones, and Shirley Bassey!

Always served with the heaping helping of comedy you've come to expect!!